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Dr. Fernando Robles Rodríguez

Certified Plastic Surgeon

At Clinica Renueva, we know that physical appearance is essential for people because individual looks can directly impact confidence and social relationships. Nowadays, going to a plastic surgeon is no longer a problem; in fact, a large percentage of society has undergone procedures that belong to this branch of medicine.

For a long time, people saw these cosmetic treatments as vanity actions, however, nowadays, things have changed, and people know that it is a good idea to undergo reconstructive surgery to obtain the figure they want. There are many reasons why people undergo cosmetic procedures in Mexico, it can be because of unconformities in their appearance which cause severe damage to self-esteem, simply because they want to look good or because of problems that are affecting the person’s health.


Lifting of the skin, fat and muscles of the face and neck, leading to an improvement of furrows and heavy wrinkles on the neck and cheeks.


Lifting of the skin, fat and muscles of the face and neck, leading to an improvement of furrows and heavy wrinkles on the neck and cheeks.


Lifting of the skin, fat and muscles of the face and neck, leading to an improvement of furrows and heavy wrinkles on the neck and cheeks.

What Is a Plastic Surgery Procedure?

The procedures of reconstructive surgery that are performed at Clinica Renueva are aimed at satisfying the external and internal needs of the patient to achieve the total well-being of the person. These treatments should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in performing cosmetic surgery.

Why Choose Clínica Renueva?

We are a clinic specialized in cosmetic surgery in Baja California Mexico; we have the best team to give patients the changes they want. Dr. Robles is one of the best surgeons in the city; his years of experience are reflected in the satisfaction of his patients. His commitment and dedication to them are the keys to the success of his treatments.

Dr. Robles is a certified surgeon by several international associations and is also a fundamental member of the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery. The main objective that the doctor and all the people that make up his team is to help patients change the way they look and feel, to transform not only their appearance but also their self-esteem, by offering them many options.

Day by day, cosmetic surgery is evolving, so Dr. Robles and his staff are continuously learning to keep up with the changes that are emerging in the area, to be able to offer patients the best tools and techniques to improve the treatments.

Unfortunately, many doctors pose as surgeons, putting people’s lives at risk and damaging the image of those who really are a certified reconstructive surgeon. That is why Dr. Robles and his staff are associated with these large institutions of global and national impact so that people can feel safe about the surgical center. Therefore, foreign and national people can come to Clínica Renueva with all the confidence that the patient care and the final result will be the one they were looking for.

What Treatments Are Offered At Clínica Renueva?

Facial Rhinoplasty :

Is a surgery that is focused on repairing the problems found in the nose. With this procedure, Dr. Robles seeks to give harmony to the face, as well as to provide it with the correct functioning. The technique will depend on the shape and condition of the patient’s nose.


Also known as eyelid surgery,  has the purpose of correcting or eliminating the excess skin found in the eyelid area. The objective of Dr. Robles is to improve the fatness, the bags, and the general appearance of the eyes.


Better known as a facelift, seeks to reduce the changes of aging. With this surgery, Dr. Robles aims to give the patient a much younger appearance.

Bichat bags:

In this surgery, bichat bags are removed to profile and slim the patient’s face. With this procedure, Dr. Robles will seek to improve the person’s facial features by decreasing the size of the cheeks.

Tummy Tuck:

This procedure is ideal for those who have been through a major weight loss and have excess skin. Dr. Robles will remove the excess skin to improve the appearance of the treated area.


It consists of removing the patient’s fat deposits using a tool that sucks the skin. It can be used in different areas such as the abdomen, chin, arms, back, hips, buttocks, among others.

Gluteal Augmentation:

In this procedure Dr. Robles performs different techniques to increase the volume of the buttocks, as well as to correct some defects that can be found in the area to be worked on.

Breast Mastopexy:

Also known as a breast lift, it is a procedure that seeks to improve the appearance of sagging breasts. This may be due to age, breastfeeding, or other factors.

Breast reduction:

In this procedure, Dr. Robles seeks to eliminate excess fat or tissue found in the breast area. This is done to relieve pain that can cause breast size.

Breast Augmentation:

During this procedure, special implants are used to provide the breasts with an increase in volume. Dr. Robles places these implants in part underneath the breast tissue.


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