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For a long time, people have sought to obtain the body they desire, and plastic surgery has been a perfect ally. Thanks to the technology and experience of surgeons like Dr. Robles, it is possible to satisfy people’s needs. Nowadays, one of the points that can cause more discomfort in individuals is the abdominal area, which is why at Clínica Renueva, we offer the Tummy Tuck Tijuana surgery.

What is Tummy Tuck Tijuana?

It is a surgical procedure where Dr. Robles will work on the abdominal area to remove excess skin and fat that a person may have. In this Tummy Tuck Tijuana procedure, the surgeon will also seek to contract and repair the internal muscles, to give the patient an appearance of a flatter abdomen and a much more stylized silhouette.

The popularity of this type of surgery focused on removing excess fat deposits has been so great that nowadays the Tummy Tuck Tijuana surgery is one of the most performed in Mexico. 

What Is The Procedure For Tummy Tuck Tijuana?

Before The Surgery

First, the patient must attend a consultation where Dr. Robles will examine the area to be treated to specify how the Tummy Tuck procedure will be. In this consultation process, an analysis will be made where the doctor will specify the changes that can be obtained with this method. It is at this part where the patient can expose his doubts about the Tummy Tuck so that Dr. Robles can solve them.

It is essential for the doctor to know about clinical history, so the patient’s cooperation will be necessary to clarify issues related to early surgery, diseases, allergies, treatments, and family history. Also, if the patient has recent studies, it is necessary to give them to Dr. Robles so that he can have an idea about the person’s state of health. If there are no previous studies, the patient will be asked to undergo some studies.

Once the doubts are cleared up, Dr. Robles will make a report specifying the state of the skin, the size of the abdomen, the weight, height, and the presence of scars.

In The Surgery

  1. Once the patient is prepared, he or she will be under general anesthesia so Dr. Robles, along with his team, can begin the Tummy Tuck procedure. The area of the abdomen will be marked by lines that will be the guide to start the surgery.
  2. It will begin with an incision that will cover the area of the pelvis. Once the incision is made, Dr. Robles will proceed to remove the fat accumulations that cause a bad appearance in the patient, as well as the excess skin.
  3. Once the fat and excess skin has been removed, it is time for the doctor to reconstruct the abdominal wall. Then he will stitch up the abdominal muscles to bring them together and give a better appearance to the patient’s body.
  4. Once the muscle suture has been passed, the skin is closed with the help of stitches in the treated area.
  5. One of the last steps will be to rearrange the navel so that the entire abdominal wall can be seen more aesthetically.
  6. Occasionally, the Tummy Tuck may be accompanied with a liposuction in areas such as the back, lower abdomen, and hips. This way, the patient will be able to obtain a more contoured figure. If the patient wishes, this surgery can be combined with liposuction procedures in the arms, between the legs and/or buttock lift.

The Tummy Tuck procedure can take between 4 to 5 hours, depending on whether only this surgery will be performed.

After The Surgery

Most patients are allowed to stay in the clinic overnight so Dr. Robles can monitor the post-surgical process. Once the patient has been discharged, he can return home without any problems.

Care After A Tummy Tuck Tijuana

  • The patient must follow the specifications given by Dr. Robles so that there are no complications in the healing process.
  • The patient must wear a special girdle that will help him/her to keep the abdomen area protected.
  • During the first days, the patient must sleep under a specific posture, which will be specified by Dr. Robles.
  • As far as nutrition is concerned, the patient must follow a diet that is composed of low-fat foods. 
  • Around the second week, the patient will be able to continue with his daily activities without making significant efforts.

Benefits Of The Tummy Tuck Tijuana Procedure

  • The person may have a flatter abdomen and a more contoured silhouette
  • The patient’s appearance will be improved
  • Confidence levels will increase

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Tummy Tuck Tijuana Surgery?

This procedure is ideal for people who present flaccidity, excess skin due to weight loss, or protruding abdomen. It is indicated for any gender.

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