Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure of reconstruction of the abdominal wall, where excess of skin and fat is removed and the abdominal muscles are tied or sewn in order to reshape the abdomen and stylize the figure.

Doctor Fernando Robles has part of the abdominoplasty, starts with liposuction from the back, arms, lower abdomen, flanks, hips, between the leg depending on the needs and the requirements of the patient and with the fat obtained, fills the buttocks to elevate them or just to give them shape. Dr. Robles recommends the amount of fat in each buttock according to the needs or requirements of each person, considering that the total volume injected depends on some factors that must be taken into

The surgery is carried out under regional anesthesia plus sedation, lasts about 5 hours, during the next 2 weeks the patient will carry drains that will help remove all the accumulated fluid, avoiding more inflammation. Usually Dr. Robles removes them between 12 and 14 days, same as the patient
should remain at rest in fetal or bent position, taking care that the wound does not stretch. By the third week little by little the patient starts to mobilize more and after the fourth week the patient may return to daily tasks without lifting heavy objects. It is important to mention that the
patient requires help at all times. As part of the treatment you should use moderate compression garments that are special for this type of surgery, the goal is to avoid inflammation. In addition it is required to take antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories and medication to avoid clots
in the extremities and avoid complications of thrombosis for a certain period of time.

There is also a circular abdominoplasty, which aims to remove excess fat and skin from the back as well as the abdomen. This surgery is usually ideal for people with a massive weight loss, the care is the same as for the conventional abdominoplasty.


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