It’s well known that having big breasts can be prejudicial to physical health because not all bodies have the necessary complexion to support the weight and size of big breasts. Unfortunately, a woman can’t decide what will be the size of her breasts, and as well as many women suffer for having really small breasts, others suffer for having very big breasts, and that’s a reality.

There are many problems that a woman can suffer from having large breasts, here are some of them:

  • Back And Neck Pain

The weight of the breasts puts pressure on the chest and ribs. In addition, the straps of the brassieres exert pressure on the shoulders and necks, all this pressure causes pain that has future repercussions on the posture and structure of the body.

  • Discomfort When Doing Exercise

Exercising can be a problem for women with large breasts, because these limit them to perform certain exercises such as running, doing push-ups, among others. This also can be a limiting in maintaining a healthy life and body.

  • Not Being Able To Sit Without Back Support

Having large breasts has as a consequence that keeping the back straight becomes a very difficult task because the weight of the breasts makes it a very difficult action. For this reason, many women can not remain seated in seats without back support.

  • Getting Pregnant Can Be A Problem

The difficulty is not in getting pregnant, but in the process of, because the breasts get prepared for breastfeeding and that makes them increase in size, and for those who already have large breasts, it is extra weight that causes more pain than usual.

  • Skin Problems

Women with large breasts have to wear bra always and very tight, which causes that the skin of that area does not breathe and be dry or even generate rashes and infections.

Fortunately, with the help of Plastic Surgery women can now decide what size of breasts they want to have, and if they have really big breasts can opt for a Breast Reduction in Tijuana.

A Breast Reduction in Tijuana consists of a plastic surgery that seeks to improve the shape of the breast by reducing the size of the mammary gland. It is necessary to mention that this procedure leaves certain scars, which are tried to locate the best possible so that they are not noticed.

Some reasons why a woman can think about having a breast reduction may be: Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, Irritation or chronic skin rash under the breasts, a Neuralgia, limitation of activities, Low self-esteem related to the large size of the breasts and difficulty finding suitable bras and clothes.

Breast Reduction in Tijuana can be the best solution to combat and avoid future physical health problems in women with large breasts, because it can be performed at any age, sometimes, even during adolescence, although it is always necessary that have fully developed. The results of the surgery will be a reduction of pain in the upper back, neck and shoulders. There may also be an increase in the ability to participate in physical activities and the conception of a more positive self-image.


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