How To Mold And Elevate Your Buttocks

A prominent and toned figure is the desire of many women, achieving this is a challenge and often the structure of the body does not allow it, even with exercise. Previously women who were not satisfied with the size of their breasts or buttocks had to conform, because there was no way that this would change. However, now this is totally possible, because thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, specifically in plastic surgery, breast  and butt augmentation are entirely possible.

What is a Surgery of Glute Augmentation in Tijuana?

The Surgery of Glute Augmentation in Tijuana seeks to elevate the form of these and shape them, this process can be done through the patient’s own fat or also with the help of buttock implants. It is best to fill them with their own fat to obtain a more natural look and in the case that in the future there is an increase in weight, they will  also increase, in the same way with weight loss. When the surgery is done with their own fat, the procedure is started with a liposuction of body contour, in order to obtain the necessary fat to fill the buttocks. The possible amount of fat transfer will depend on the conditions of the patient and the availability of existing fat. The final results are visible after approximately seven months.

Advantages of performing a Surgery of Glute Augmentation in Tijuana

  • The shape and contour of the buttocks improves

Implementing fat in this area implies that the buttocks are more filled and because of that a visually more attractive figure is produced.

  • There is a lift of the lower buttocks

In turn this procedure causes the lower part of the buttocks to rise, giving them a more defined and visually attractive and shape appearance.

  • When the procedure is combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction there is an improvement in body proportion

Each person knows what proportions wants in the body and if a person decides to have a surgery of glute augmentation in Tijuana it is because evidently wants to improve his figure, and knows that this procedure will give him a more proportioned body, and if it is combined with a tummy tuck or liposuction the improvement of the body can be better.

  • The procedure is very natural, no artificial materials or prostheses are used

If you want to perform Surgery of Glute Augmentation in Tijuana through the implementation of fat, there is the advantage that there will be no other materials inside the body, because there will simply transfer those already in it in an area that it is not desired, to apply them in one that is desired. 

  • The result feels and looks very natural

This technique allows the final results to look very natural, which is the desire of anyone who wants this surgery, like was mentioned above, no other materials are used, only the fat is transferred from some areas of the body to others.

So if what you want is to have a bigger and molded butt to improve your figure in this way, a Surgery of Glute Augmentation in Tijuana is just what you were looking for.


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