It is a surgical procedure that aims to remove excess of fat or fat cells, giving a better appearance of the figure. When doctor Robles does a liposuction aims to shape the figure, visibly improve it, eliminating excess fat from some areas and putting it where it looks best, whether in the buttocks, breasts, etc. it is important to note that the works starts from the back, arms, full abdomen, flanks (waist) and the obtained fat is transferred to the buttocks, in order to elevate them or simply give them a better shape.
The surgery is carried out under regional anesthesia plus sedation, lasts about 3 hours, the patient will be left some drains on to help remove the excess of fluid and usually Dr. Robles removes them in 4 days. The patient is able to carry out their activities on their own, however it is better with help. Usually the patient is able to return to their daily activities in a week without lifting heavy objects. The patient must use compression garments to avoid moderate inflammation and must take antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories and medication to avoid clots for a certain period of time.

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