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Many people live depressed because they do not have the body they want, and not having it makes them feel insecure and with low self-esteem. Although the body can be shaped through exercise and a good diet, there are times when, due to genetics, illness or some other reason, it is impossible for many people to shape their bodies to obtain the figure they want and that leads them to start thinking about plastic surgery. One of the most famous plastic surgeries to shape the body is liposuction in Tijuana.

What is Liposuction in Tijuana?

It is a plastic surgery in which the deposits of fat located in certain areas of the body that cannot be eliminated by diets and exercises are finally eliminated. In this procedure, minimal incisions are made to eliminate irregularities of the body contour and in this way achieve the desired appearance by the patient. Liposuction in Tijuana can help to shape the areas below the chin, neck, cheekbones, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs and knees.

What do I need to be able to have a liposuction in Tijuana?

In order to be a candidate for liposuction in Tijuana it is necessary to have good health, a normal weight and excess fat in certain localized areas of the body. It is also important to consider that in order to obtain good results it is necessary that the skin is firm and elastic, otherwise it will not adapt to the new contour and the leftover skin may remain hanging, for which you will need another plastic surgery able to solve this problem. If a person suffers from circulatory, cardiac or respiratory problems, it is not advisable to perform liposuction.

Advantages of having a liposuction in Tijuana

  • A Healthier Body

By eliminating excess body fat, the risks of diseases such as high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and even heart problems are significantly reduced. And the body becomes healthier.

  • Fat Removal

The objective of liposuction in Tijuana is to eliminate fatty deposits that the body does not need, having a more slender and attractive body will be a consequence of this fat removal.

  • Cellulite Reduction

When the fat is removed, the “orange peel” is reduced in the areas where liposuction was done.

  • Greater Security and Self-esteem

The aforementioned benefits will make any person who have a liposuction feel good about themselves and to increase their safety and self-esteem by having the body in the way they have always wanted it.

Liposuction in Tijuana is an excellent option for anyone who is not satisfied with the structure and shape of their body and wants to change it, in order to achieve a more attractive and comfortable image for itself. The benefits obtained are many and the risks are few, as long as it is carried out by a specialist.


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